Kina Grannis

What would be your main reason for being an independent artist and not signing with a record label?

Kina Grannis responded on 07/31/2010

i think the most important thing is creative integrity. the reason i left a major label a few years ago was because they had plans develop me and have me write with a bunch of different songwriters in the industry. the problem was i already had the album written... all songs that came straight from my heart and meant the world to me, and i couldn't give up MY music for the possibility of "greater" success. and in my mind, there is nothing unsuccessful at all about what i've accomplished in releasing my album independently with the help of all my supporters.

all this said, i am not anti-label. being an artist and a businessman at the same time can be draining, and usually results in work taking over everything and music being pushed aside. i think if a label supports exactly what an artist does and is excited about helping them amplify everything they are doing, you could have a really great thing.

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